Jumbo Vision in motion

5 cargoes from Spain, Italy and Greece delivered by the JV

2 October 2020

Loaded with cargoes from Spain, Italy and Greece, the Jumbo Vision arrived in the USA with cargoes destined for Florida, Louisiana and Texas.

Even if one could say that it was "just another day" for the Jumbo-SAL-Alliance team, this trip demonstrates the flawless expertise and the perfect ability to adapt to very different materials.
There were 5 cargoes on board the Jumbo Vision, a 110m LOA vessel, one of Jumbo-SAL-Alliance's H-800 Class vessels:

  • 3 transformers of 173 tons each
  • 1 reactor of 368 tons
  • 1 methane reactor of 23 tons and a phase shifter of 87 tons
  • 9 yachts
  • A 230 ton mobile crane loaded in Spain for another Spanish port

The 11,000cbm of space in the hold and the 1,500sqm of deck space made it possible to accommodate all this equipment and to deliver it safely to port.

To access the video, go to https://youtu.be/Bc5X67APUDo

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